Telepizza is a pizza chain based in Madrid, Spain. The restaurant chain operates in Spain, some Spanish-speaking countries and in countries of the European Union. In March, 2010 there where 1090 telepizza available in 11 countries.


Founded by capital of Galicia and Madrid, the company had factories in Guadalajara, Barcelona, Móstoles, Alcobendas, but were later sold and all the production is made at a factory in Daganzo de Arriba, Madrid. The factories produce the pizza base and then distribute them through the different stores.

Currently, the company is family owned Ballvé and mutual fund Permira, although planning a possible return to the Spanish stock market.

International ExpantionEdit

In March 2010 Telepizza has 1025 outlets worldwide, 603 stores in Spain and has 422 international stores present in countries such as Portugal, Peru, Chile, Poland, Central America and United Arab Emirates. In June 2010 the company announced the arrival of the pizza chain to Colombia, where they bought Jeno's Pizza; achieving more than 80 restaurants throughout the country.

In December 2011, telepizza reached an agreement with Air Europa, in order to serve their pizzas in Spanish flight company.

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